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I saw active service in conventional, clandestine and covert units of the South African Defence Force. I was the founder of the Private Military Company (PMC) Executive Outcomes in 1989 and its chairman until I left in 1997. Until its closure in 1998, EO operated primarily in Africa helping African governments that had been abandoned by the West and were facing threats from insurgencies, terrorism and organised crime. EO also operated in South America and the Far East. I believe that only Africans (Black and White) can truly solve Africa’s problems. I was appointed Chairman of STTEP International in 2009 and also lecture at military colleges and universities in Africa on defence, intelligence and security issues. Prior to the STTEP International appointment, I served as an independent politico-military advisor to several African governments. Until recently, I was a contributing editor to The Counter Terrorist magazine. All comments in line with the topics on this blog are welcome. As I consider this to be a serious look at military and security matters, foul language and political or religious debates will not be entertained on this blog.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have never been able to understand why some people feel the need to claim an association with a company or with people they have never met. I suppose it is either because they have a very low self-esteem or they believe they will never be caught out as no one will ever come to the fore and expose them for what they are – sad, pathetic people. The vast majority of these “self-confessed heroes” would not last a single day with the real men they boast they were part of.

If I were to spend my time exposing all of these conmen and wannabees (it seems there are thousands who claim to have been in EO), I would have to remain glued to my computer – something I have no intention of doing.

However, some of these pathetic wannabees simply need more exposing than others. Equally pathetic are the journalists who lap up the lies these fools tell them and then publish them as “the truth”.  

In this day and age, one would think that someone who has qualified at the London School of Journalism with Distinction in 2001 – who has access to the internet – and is an author, would at least have the drive and integrity to do some fact-checking before publishing an article, not so, Simon Tomlin? It seems to get worse when the said journalist is an ex-army man who suffers from what appears to be a very severe persecution complex.

Tomlin wrote a piece he posted on his News Alliance UK blog (http://newsallianceuk.wordpress.com/2012/08/10/murder-and-mayhem-tolerated-by-the-security-services-to-protect-a-mercenary/) in which he published several blatant lies disguised as “facts”. He did not even bother to check the outrageous and libellous claims he wrote – instead, he blamed it on the piece of garbage he was writing about. In a sense, that is simply proof that Tomlin does not waste time with fact checking. As he boasts of the 4 books he has written, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are likewise books with very little factual foundation.  

Enter Shaun Patrick Breach, a British subject who claims (falsely) that he served in the SA Special Forces (no one I spoke to in Special Forces had ever heard of him) as well as that he served in EO – he does not appear on any EO personnel lists nor is there a book number for anyone by the surname of Breach.

Breach happens to be Tomlin’s “source” – and he and Tomlin had a fall-out about a book Breach wanted Tomlin to write. He also happens to be the source that provided the drivel to Tomlin for his grossly inaccurate comments about EO.  Everything that Breach claimed was immediately assumed by Tomlin to be fact. In a sense, I can therefore say anything about Tomlin that I want to say and use the same lame excuse he has used – “so-and-so told me so”.

Tomlin it seems believes that EO still exists, is cooperating with the British security services and along with Breach are in some way out to “get him”. This fantasy no doubt has its origins with Breach who can at best be termed a piece of dirt. Breach made numerous claims/statements to Tomlin and despite the claims being able to be verified if the journalist really wanted to, they were simply assumed to be absolute fact. This also shows the incredible gullibility of Tomlin who swallowed this drivel hook, line and sinker.

Looking at some of the emails Tomlin sent to a genuine ex-EO man – I really have to shake my head. Poor man! Tomlin certainly doesn’t like anyone questioning him and his emails are indicative of someone with uncontained hysteria.

Breach on the other hand seems to be a real piece of work and most probably a danger to society. His claims that he was involved in murders and acted as some sort of hitman ought to be investigated.  

However, apart from Breach’s lies, I would like Tomlin to immediately provide the ICC with proof of EO’s “war crimes” so that the matter can be swiftly dealt with.

I suspect that both Breach and Tomlin live in a world of fantasy and deserve one another. 


Unknown said...

Tomlin and Breach are sad pathetic children masquerading in adults bodies.

I personally think that they have watched way too many Dolf Lundgren movies and obviously mistook the Bourne identity as factual.

I have on occasion asked you about people who have approached me and told me that they were ex EO to varify if they were. Having worked there way back in 1993 i certainly don`t know everyone associated with the company and i therefore ask you before making any utterances to people who make at times outrageous comments.

It is especially strange that many of these individuals cannot remember or don`t know their book numbers. Hell i have been out of the military for many years and i still know my force number by heart. 85639201bg -bt (as a camper). It is repugnant that people out there pose as ex members of EO but it is even more distasteful that there are people out there who equally masquerade as journalists!

Idiots and morons are a dime a dozen it seems.
Mike (book nr 32) for real, oh and i was no hitman or sleuth type, i simply put petrol in the planes. That possibly is why i have never been requested by Tomlin to give my story, apparently the truth just is not a big cash spinner.

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

It is people like Tomlin and others of similar ilk who give journalists a bad name, Mike. You will be surprised at the amount of “students”, “researchers” and “journalists” who contact me claiming to be doing “research” on EO. Even more surprising to me is the fact that despite their claims, they have done NO research apart from Googling everything. To them, if it is on the internet, then it has to be true.

Another one who follows a similar type of path is Ivor Powell, the super-sleuth who was fired from the Scorpions. Any piece of junk they can write always includes “closely linked to EO” somewhere in their so-called research.

To them, facts must always be avoided at all costs.

And then they wonder...?



Brent Clark said...

Good day Eeben

Mr Shaun Patrick Breach should be listed on this site. http://www.recce.co.za/wall-of-shame-1

Keep well

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Thanks Brent. I have sent the “story” to someone who will get it placed on the Special Forces Wall of Shame web pages. I am so sick of these wannabees but if we do not expose them, they will continue to shame us all.



newsallianceuk said...

Eeben, before you continue with this diatribe of nonsense, lets address some salient facts.

I was contacted by a man calling himself 'Simon Stalingrad' on your behalf. I asked for his real name, which he refused to give, and from that I presumed the man to be a fake. Would you like me to publish his emails and then this matter will be resolved?

In fact, Stalingrad's real name his Simon M Witherspoon. So much for my not being able to do basic research. Your man used a false name, because he had something to hide, namely the truth, and I had to ascertain his real name through reliable sources. That squashes your delusion about my inability to do basic investigative work.

Breach was not my 'source' in UKSF and he has never served in the best Special Forces in the world, let alone the South African pretenders.

I will not name my source, at his request, and I have a duty as a journalist to protect a source when anonymity is requested.

Furthermore, why would I trust you with the real name of a former SAS trooper? Are you a British national? As a patriot and nationalist, I do not buy into the international circuit in any manner.

When my cousin, a Senior Inspector in the Hong Kong Marine Police, asked for details of our uncle's HM Government Service, I refused his request because he now works for what I regard as a 'foreign power', namely China.

Do not mistake me for the traitors in the LibLabCon Party who will consort with any foreigner, not matter what their background. My loyalty is to the British Army and I could NOT care less what you think of my stance.

Instead of seeing me as an enemy, you should have seen me as an ally in exposing and defeating a common threat posed by the charlatan Shaun Breach.

And get the idea out of your head that you will say whatever you want about me because that is NOT going to happen!

Therefore, I suggest we end this churlish and counter-productive spat and concentrate on the real problem, Shaun Breach.

I hope you will publish this comment in the interests of fairness and honesty. I am NOT your enemy and I have NOT attacked you in any manner.

Finally, I agree that Breach's claims to have been involved in cash in transit robberies and murders in South Africa should be investigated and I have campaigned for this for over a year.

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

The only comments I don’t publish are those with obvious religious and/or political overtones and those that contain foul language, Simon.

It is interesting to note that the one glaring “salient fact” is that you chose to write a piece without checking some of your facts. So why try to divert attention?

Remember, I was not the one who took mistruths and then published them as fact. If you had really done basic research, you would have discovered that Breach was never in the SA Special Forces nor in EO. Furthermore, EO ceased to exist in 1998 so I cannot see how he is being protected by EO in the UK or how EO is working with the security services in the UK. What I do agree with is that he appears to be a prize pratt. However, if your legal system allows a lunatic like that to walk around, it has nothing to do with me or the now defunct EO.

As for you telling me what I will and will not say – well, that day will never happen. Besides, it is not good manners to try to threaten someone you do not know. I had never even heard of you before this “diatribe of nonsense” and “churlish spate”.

Tracing someone’s name via the ISP/service provider is, in some countries, illegal unless a crime has been committed and a warrant has been issued. That said, tracing someone’s name is not “research” – especially when someone else is used to do it on your behalf. Simon was indeed an EO member – and has used that email address for several years now. Ironically, you chose to disbelieve him and rather believe Breach.

I will not enter into debates on whose Special Forces are the “best in the world”. Suffice to say, some are good at some things and not at other things. Besides, I was not a Special Forces operator so I cannot debate that issue. What I can however say with certainly is that one should never overestimate one’s abilities. But, given your apparent dislike for the South Africans in general and the SA Special Forces in particular, it must be based on the fact that you served with them and found them wanting.

I do not know where “patriotism”, “nationality” or “traitors” entered the fray so it is puzzling that they were thrown into the mix. However you did accuse us of war crimes. Please provide your evidence to the ICC – now is your chance to do so, don’t you think?

You may not have attacked me directly but you certainly did so indirectly by making false claims about EO.

It seems as though the words “fairness” and “honesty” are used somewhat incorrectly as far as your story is concerned.


PS: You only need to post a comment once – not five times.

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Goodness me, Simon – you are indeed a funny chap. Since when did I block your comment? I answer as and when I can – and I did answer your comment – as I do every comment I get. In turn and in your anger, you have now even written another article to suit your story (http://newsallianceuk.wordpress.com/2012/09/05/a-response-to-eeben-barlow-and-his-american-groupies-about-the-facts-of-journalism/ ). You really do seem to have a large chip on your shoulder – life is too short to be so bitter at yourself. By the way, the word you were looking for in your article is “contend” not “content”.

The fact that someone asks you about a person who makes certain claims certainly does not imply that person is a spokesman. Or is that “journalistic freedom” at work?

Simon never presented himself as a “spokesman” for EO. I too have seen his mails and nowhere did he claim to be a spokesman - he asked you a simple and valid question. You, however, threw all of your toys out of the cot – how dare some dastardly South African question you? That in turn set you off against the Americans as well – why the anger at them now?

As you seem to be on your own crusade – and I certainly won’t stop you - at least have the courtesy of doing your research on EO. If nothing else, it shows some professionalism.

As regards Breach, he is no threat to me so do not make your problem mine – something you are trying desperately to do. Follow it up with the relevant South African authorities. If what both you and he allege is true, they will take action.

As this is becoming increasingly boring, I would suggest that you either go and get help or play with yourself. The choice is yours.


Unknown said...

Bravo Eeben.

This fellow has issues. A lot of them. Has he put any real facts across in a logical linear way or has he adopted the cluster bomb approach? It looks to me he has done the latter, but naturally I am not an "Uber" journalistic mega mind like he is. Look I realize i am just a small fry but i am intelligent enough to see that thi man has serious xenophobic, classist issues bordering on hysteria.
I particularly enjoyed your lastcomment to him, that one broke the bank! oops,i used a "flagged" term there, oh hell, just now i am accused of being a bank robber or part and parcel to the aforementioned cash in transit debacle being chucked around.

Mike( despicable South African)

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Sometimes I can only shake my head and smile at people, Mike. But sometimes, I can only shake my head.



Unknown said...

I posted this comment Simon`s blog page. I made a little spelling faux pas but then apologised and re submitted it as i am very sure he will use a spelling mistake to his tactical advantage. herewith what i posted.

apologies. i am re submitting my comment with a spelling mistake corrected. I know you will use this little oversight to drive home some sort of factoid about us miserable South Africans.

Why is it such a problem to you that ex EO employees use a pseudonym? I am sure many ex British military men also use email addresses that afford them anonymity to a degree. Going on about Simon`s email address is nonsensical at best. If he chose to call himself Simon Says at wollybully dot com i do not see a problem with that, why would you????

There just seems to be a lot of animosity flying about and it is totally unnecessary. You question why no one came forward earlier to shoot down Simon Breach as an OBVIOUS poser, the answer to that is simple. There are so many strokers out there that a full time employee would have to be employed to out these goof balls and besides why bother really as it merely feeds their tiny ego`s anyway. You have really gone over the bounds of any kind of journalistic integrity with your diatribe and openly hostile animosity toward South Africans, the old SADF and EO. WHY?

Regards: Mike Da Silva ( my real name just so that you don`t discombobulate any further)

PS** Are you per chance pals with Patrick Haseldine?

Unknown said...

after reading the other piece he wrote i felt obliged to point a few things that spring to mind pertaining to his "plea" as it were for help by a police and security apparatus who seemingly have abandoned poor old Simon.

What did you do to annoy this dumb ball? He is a twat and why did you fall for his drivel in the first place? Hit man for a Cape Flats gang! What next?

What have you done that your own police wont protect you? Have you recently annoyed them with fantasmagorical claims that they have basically told you to sort your own problems out? That is what it looks like.

Look at the picture you have of this clown and decide whether you wrote yourself into the mess you are in? Circling in yellow the fact that he read Eebens book no more makes him associated with EO than reading a book on Mars makes him a martian! That was lazy, desperate and at best grasping at straws. If there is no book number for him then he DID NOT work for EO in any capacity at all. Even i have a book number and all i did was put fuel in the planes! My book number was 32 and that can be confirmed by Eeben Barlow and Simon Witherspoon.

The overiding emotion i pick up from your piece above is that you are scared witless and feel you have to openly publish as much as you can in the event that this "mad dog" mampara offs you, or worse leaves you with a really sore bottom because as you wrote he is also known as the bum bandit and if he gets his mitts on you he is likely to show you just how much of a "hot date" he is.

Any man who runs amok threatening to anally rape his enemies is ,, well,, an arse hole.
Why then the tirade and unhinged attack on Eeben, Simon and the rest of us South Africans?

It is unfortunate that you have for some reason irked this wally and you are now in his cross hairs but attacking everyone else is not helping you any.


Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

People like Simon seem to thrive on this type of thing Mike. I wouldn’t bother to waste my time if I were you as he will attempt to draw you out into some long email argument that he will use to suit his purpose and aim.

Sub-humans such as us will be better off by avoiding contact with superior beings such as he – they don’t like that.



Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Mike, I appreciate your intervention but I think it is best left for Simon to stew in his own juices. Superior people do not like being ignored by sub-humans such as us. He is obviously terribly xenophobic but that is his problem and we should not make it ours.

He will skirt what he refers to as “the salient facts” and go off on some tangent with the hopes we will fall into his poorly laid trap. So, I recommend leave him to trap himself – as he has done anyway.



Unknown said...

yOU ARE CORRECT but i just cannot help myself.

I will try and refrain from poking fun at him. Sad thing is that i know that it is a total waste of time and effort to banter with this "marked" man but he just makes it so easy. However i will try and put it out of my mind.
It must truly be hard to be so superior to all the lowly types around him and to have to stoop to our simplistic African level, after all we are just savages.


Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

One savage to another: Well said.



newsallianceuk said...

Eeben, I made a fair and reasonable offer to resolve this matter without further conflict but you're intent on provoking this issue.

I reiterate that I do not accept the line spun by Witherspoon because he used a false name and contradicted himself several times in writing.

Therefore, further investigation will be required, considering the fact you're not prepared to play ball.

Dan said...

Here is a supposed redacted report on this guy from british MI5


Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Thanks for the link, Dan.

I can only shake my head when information, innuendo and rumour become “intelligence” with no substance.



Anonymous said...

The intel report on Breach was sent by me to MI6, not MI5. Your friends really do need to grasp the basic facts.

Furthermore, Witherspoon acting on your behalf, claims Breach was never a parabat and had his tattoo done in a shop after his national service. Where's the evidence to prove this?

To prove this extravagant claim with hard evidence, you would have seen Breach's service record. Therefore, have you seen Breach's service record, and if so, how did you obtain it?

If you can show me an authentic copy of Breach's service record, then I will believe what Witherspoon said but until such time, I shall regard his allegation as a smear.

In essence, stop spinning nonsense to your cronies and let's see some hard evidence to substantiate your claims about Breach.

I reiterate, I want to see evidence not biased opinion. Over to you...

Norbert said...


How are you brother. I hope you are well. Tomlin should for all purpose quit journalism and commence writing fantasy. i am pretty sure he can give JK Rowlings a run for her money and possibly write a series of books that would make Harry Potter seem like an Enid Blyton Childrens Fable.

However so, it has been interesting reading thus far.

God Bless you mate and take care. Look forward to catching up soon.


Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Good to hear from you, Norbert. I trust you are wearing a big hat and sunscreen??

A pity we could not link up this time but it seems our planes may have passed one another in the sky. We will have to rectify that next time.

Well, I am always amazed that a “journalist” can speak to someone, make allegations, use innuendo, print them as fact and then expect the onus to be on the targeted company/person to prove the opposite. I always thought that journalists had a responsibility to write the truth in an objective manner and allow the reader to make an informed decision. Apparently I was wrong.

I got a message via Airborne Riders which stated: “Breach is the biggest B-S’er you can find. He was nowhere near being a parabat, Recce, EO or 32 Battalion. He was a dog handler working for Cape Town City Council deployment department during the 80’s...NO one knows him other than being a doggi (dog handler)”. I suppose they will now have to prove that as well!!

What’s that saying about giving someone enough rope...?



Deforestation & Carbon Emissions said...

Hi Eben

Went through "Pandoros box" and found our letter of appointment from Sonangol signed by Joaquim David 1Feb 1993. I wonder if any of the first crew still have their letters. I have some great pics of the first bunch that went I would like to share some with you. Thanks for this greta blog and you still owe me a cup of coffee

Deforestation & Carbon Emissions said...

Hi Eben

Went through "Pandoros box" and found our letter of appointment from Sonangol signed by Joaquim David 1Feb 1993. I wonder if any of the first crew still have their letters. I have some great pics of the first bunch that went I would like to share some with you. Thanks for this greta blog and you still owe me a cup of coffee

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

I know that cup of coffee remains somewhere on a table in the future, Andre.

I would love to see your photos one day.

I believe quite a few guys still have those letters. Keep yours - it is part of your history.



Ciaran Goggins said...

Tomlin is before Nottingham magistrates on Mon 30 June for harassment of a Mr Puddick, a noted and respected anti corruption campaigner in England. Tomlin was jailed for hitting a woman in 2010. After 6 weeks Tomlin was discharged from the army after professing to be a Moffie. He claims a Black belt in Krav Maga but a junkie beat him up the other day. PMSL.

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Thank you, C Rehill. Very interesting especially as I have never met this character yet he has so much to say about me. As I understand it, Tomlin is an alias and his real surname is Smith – is that correct?
I suppose that people such as this eventually get exposed – just a pity that it takes a while. I hope British justice does what is right…
Thanks for letting me know.

Die Stoor said...

Hi Eben, I'm sorry to dredge up such an old entry in your blog which I do enjoy by the way. I stumbled over this Simon Tomlin's blog the other day, and your comments above about barely contained hysteria and the fact that he really doesnt like it when someone disagrees with him, drew a chuckle from me. He deleted my comments except the one that he happened to agree with.

His blog seems more about threatening people he doesn't like with MI 6 investigation and drone strikes for "being anti British" then about any actual semblance of journalism.
All this while demonstrating a distinct hatred of South Africans in general. He really acts like a spoilt petulant little child with his "my Special Forces are better than yours, and I'll tell my mother if you're nasty to me attitude". Maybe it comes from being a mommys boy growing up on a little island where the sun never shines pining for its long dead empire. The last comments by C Rehill were quite interesting and if verified would shed quite a lot of light on Simon Tomlin's mentality.

neil2445 said...

Simon Smith born in 1968, height about 5 foot five - but he has changed his name by deed-poll. Overweight. Facial image available on his blog. Is known to carry semi-legal dyes and the such, and wears Kevlar body armour. Lives in the Eastwood, Heanor, Ilkeston box as he visits his elderly mother and often has to report to local police. Has a form of PTSD after ONE incident, an attack on a drunken night out over twenty years ago which he harps on and on about. Google 'Tomlin + Particularly horrific attack' and see the reams of self-centred crap pour out of the internet... thousands and thousands of web-pages. Not known to drive and so uses buses and coaches, stays out of cities such as Nottingham. When visiting London uses National Express and stays in Russian-owned hotel in Pimlico. Very pro-Russian to the point of being a traitor and feeding their Embassy documents (probably about a 'particularly horrific attack' on a wannabe spy over twenty years ago). Uses a series of scruffy digs and bail hostels, changes his phone often, runs a one man band, News Alliance, where he writes as if he has a large staff, 'Our Editor vows never to be silenced...' That sort of thing. Smokes roll-ups, carries cheap spy cameras, records all his phone conversations. Massively, massively paranoid... or maybe everybody who knows him hates him? Has targeted all sorts of people, from your good self, to me (I was at school with the gimp, re-established comms with the power of the internet, met up with him... and then the calls started until I couldn't be arsed to listen to him drone on, so I was on the trolling list), ex-girlfriends, police anti-corruption campaigners, the local police themselves, the Security Service, and even Colin Gunn. Maybe Colin Gunn's friends might see this message and then Google 'Simon Tomlin' + 'Gunn'. If that happens, and Mr Gunn learns of Mr Smith/Tomlin's trolling activities, then I'll be quoting Windsor Davies:
'Oh Dear, what a pity, never mind.'

Ciaran Goggins said...

The wonderful world of Simon Tomlin continues. He is to stand before Nottingham Magistrates Court at the end of November for harassment of an anti police corruption expert in London whom he has never met. Tot siens.

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

He does seem to have a massive chip on his little shoulders, Die Stoor.
It is obvious he has a distinct hatred for South Africans. That is however his problem and not mine.
His hysteria is really quite amusing as are the “conclusions” he comes to. He then uses those silly conclusions as his “intelligence” and from those, develops his conspiracy theories.
He does sound like a spoilt kid who will stamp his feet when things are not going his way. There is a good South African term for people like him…

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Thank you for this information Neil 2445. He does sound like a genuine Walter Mitty, doesn’t he? I always suspected that from the first second I read his ramblings. But I also suspect that he is an agent provocateur acting on behalf of someone. Maybe you have just exposed who his paymaster is?
People change their name by deed-poll when they have something to hide or something to be ashamed of. I wonder what else is lurking in his cupboard?
My thoughts on PTSD as practised by those who have never experienced true trauma are well known.
He certainly seems to wear his “PTSD” as a badge of honour. Ironic isn’t it?

Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

It seems as though he thrives on himself, C Rehill. As someone who knows him remarked to me “He is a legend in his own tea-break”.
If it weren’t so funny it might actually be sad.
His penchant for making friends and influencing people might just get his PTSD to escalate beyond his own control. Who knows what would happen then. Will the NHS be able to cope?

Unknown said...

Having served with Pine Pienaar (RIP) and Simon Witherspoon at 1 parachute battalion - I was wondering if there was any news as to simon's whereabouts now?



Eeben Barlow's Milsec Blog said...

Simon and I work together Edward so I see him often.